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o boost sound development of global human ▓rights.I.The Philosophy of the Right to Developm

e centenary of the People's Republic of Chin

ent Abreast with the TimesEqual access to development opportunities and develo

a (founded in 1949).] and the Chines▓

pme▓nt benefits are the ideals of human s▓ociety wherein each and every citize

e Dream of revitalizing the Chin

n can achieve well-rounded development and enjoy full right to development.T

ese nation,▓ it has focused on safeguarding and improving peopl

he Chinese people are diligent, wise, innovative and progressive. In tradition

e's wellbeing, advancing all social prog▓

al Chinese culture, concepts such as "moderate prosperity" (xiao-kang), "gre

rams, and protecting people's rights to equal part

at harmony" (datong), "having ample food ▓and clothing" (fengyi zushi) and "liv


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ing and working in peace and contentment" (anju leye) fully reflect the Chinese people's a

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spiration for and pursuit of a better, happier life. In the long course o

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f history, the Chinese people have always striven for better and shared d

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evelopment opportunities, conditions and benefits. In ancient times, Chi

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na was for long the world leader in agric▓ulture, and contributed to human

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pr▓ogress with extraordinary development achievements. Studies reve

al that until the mid▓-19th century, China's GDP and per capita GDP were the world's highest. Before the 16th centu▓ry, China contributed 173 of the world's top 300▓ innovations and discoveries.After the Industr

ial Revolution started in the 18th century, China began losing its leadership. Foreign aggression and ex▓pansio

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n by Western colonialists completely destroyed conditions for develo

pment in China. Repeated invasions by foreign powers, particularly from the West, from 1840 to 1949, and China's corrupt ruling class and backward social system reduced China to a semi-colonial and semi-feuda

l society. There was constant warfare, an unstable society, economic▓ depression, no security of livelihood,▓ and extreme poverty. The Cambridge History of China: Republican China 1912-1949 de▓scribes China's

situation in the first half of 20th ce▓ntury as follows: "...the great majority of Chinese merely sustained and r

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eproduced t▓hemselves at the subsistence level ... the standard of

life for many fell short even of that custo▓mary level." [Note: The Cambridge Histor▓y of China (Volume 12): Republican Chi▓na 1912-1949 Part I, Cambridge University Press, 1983, p. 28.] "As a system, China's ec

onomy which was 'pre-modern' even in the mid-twen▓tieth century ceased to be viable only after 1949..." [Note:

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icated to advocating, practicing and promoting the right to development, is willing to join the international commu

John Doe, nity to share its philos

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Ibid. p. 29.] In these 110 years, the Chinese people struggled arduo

usly for their right to development and equal access to development opportunity. The Chinese people are fully aware of the value of development and of their right to development.The founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949 ushere▓d in a new era for China's development. ▓The PRC has provided full development opportunities ▓and conditions to the people, and

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    vast scope to realize that right. Through more than 60 years of e

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    ffort, China's overall national strength has greatly increased; stan

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    dards of living▓ have achieved a historical leap from poverty to mo

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